In the middle of the night I awake to jot down an idea I’ve had on the notepad I keep at my bedside. The dream is irrelevant; the idea is game changing. Throughout my daily routine I find inefficiencies and outdated processes that I could improve if I had the authority to make change. That’s why I strive to be the CEO. That’s why I’ve made it to where I am and will continue to find ways to achieve my goal. At the heart, I am simply an entrepreneur. Taking ownership of the role and responsibilities I am placed in and identifying ways to expand my business. I strive to be the best, moral, and pronounced in everything I do. I look to enlighten, empower, and deliver upon my experiences an interaction with every person I meet that is memorable. I live by a simple motto: if not now, then when?

Through every position and company I've had the pleasure of working with, I've left with an impact on the way business was conducted because I took on the business as my own; giving my all, every day and night. For me, work is a pleasure if I get to see it succeed. I've had great experiences thus far where my influence was able to transform processes; whether in sales, marketing, operations or product direction. Transformation is not just a marketing term but a strategy where few will lead and many will follow. Innovation may be the precursor to transformation but execution is it's definition.

A problem's solution is always found by the person who sees nothing but the other problem. Ideas come from all angles. I see things differently. A creative mind that allows thoughts to flow freely, rapidly, and with focus, can ingest 100x more detail than staring at the same problem over & over again. I consider myself lucky to have a mind that allows me to think in such tangents. I solve problems.

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.
— Unknown

What you need to know about me

  • I'm a nerd. I love science, the future, nanotechnology, Big Bang, the 10th dimension, and anything else that is theory and not fact.
  • I love to learn. I read, watch documentaries, really listen to what people are saying, and ask a LOT of questions if I dont understand something.
  • I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I want to build an empire in many different areas.
  • I have a passion for helping people. Seeing someone succeed or excel because of something I offered is empowering for me.
  • If you're not 100% sure of something, dont argue with me. I'll poke holes in your position and make you look like a fool. I like to win and know how to.
  • I love the outdoors. I have more energy than I (and most people around me) know what to do with. Have a ball? I'll play with it? Baseball, basketball, football, tennis, ping pong, you name it. 
  • I want to see the world. It's a big place with such incredible natural and man made wonders. 
  • I'm not shy. I don't hide behind rocks and if something is too taboo to talk about or is "improper" for table talk, you're at the wrong table. I like in your face conversations that break down walls and get to the truth about who you are and what makes you tick. 
  • You will laugh and laugh hard if you spend time with me. I love to laugh and I know I'm hilarious. My own mother threw me out of class once as a substitute because she couldn't deal with the ruckus I was causing. There's already too much sadness and depression in this world. Hold on to the joy of laughter. The glass is always half full.

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